Specializing in injection moulding and product development across industry spectrums such as construction, medical, engineering, appliances, homeware, forestry and transportation.

• The manufacturing plant consists of 14 injection moulding machines ranging between 22 tons to 550 tons which has the capacity to produce a variety of products.

• We have also introduced robotics for subtle jobs to help improve the overall efficiencies and production of the plant.

GPS plastics also manufactures and houses our own product range which is currently under the trademark process called Le’Mia:


  • Various sizes basin which include: 32cm, 36cm, 40cm, 42cm, 47cm and 60cm

  • Various sizes bowls which include: 19cm, pudding bowls, baby feeding bowls

  • Lates

  • Lunch boxes

  • Serving trays

  • Clothes hangers

  • 1l bucket

  • Lady glass

  • Beer mugs


  • Key rings

  • Branded rulers – Royale Currently in process of Trade Marking

Light and Heavy Duty Chains

  • S-links and sleeves


  • Corner boards

  • Paper savers

  • Blasting plugs


In-house Assembly division with skilled, efficient and experienced machine setters and operators. The division assembles the following items


Vacuum cleaners

Fly traps

Road Chevrons


Disposable Braai’s

Seedling trays

GPS Plastics boasts an elite just-in-time- quality management system. This allows customers to receive their desired goods efficiently, at the right time, at the right place, at the right price with the best quality.

Procurement is completed using SABS approved suppliers which provide raw materials right down to consumables and packaging essentials.

Our approach to customer relationships are specific and unique, ranging from technical, marketing, reliability and over all support during and after the point of sale.

A systematic control of all the functions and departments at GPS Plastics will ensure long lasting customer satisfaction.

Waste Management at GPS Plastics is imperative. Not only do we manufacture just-in-time, the process of omitting waste and saving energy is critical to our business operation. Preventative measures are taken to ensure pelletized raw materials do not find its way to the ocean through drain and sewer pipes.


Part of a “Go Green” initiative is that we have designed a filtering device which covers all the facilities storm water drains so materials don’t find its way to the ocean.

This is aimed at preserving and protecting our oceans and delicate aquatic life. The company utilizes special suppliers who uplift solid waste, recycle corrugated packaging materials as well oil which is used in the factory and disposed of safely in designated landfill sites.

Raw material scrap is salvaged by grinding and reusing in recycled products during the manufacturing process.

We aim at reducing our carbon footprint and in doing so have converted and purchased energy saving servo machines which require lesser current whilst still maintaining efficiency.

At GPS Plastics we are not only passionate about providing manufacturing excellence, but we believe that if you treat the earth with heart, the world will not fall apart.


  • Injection moulding

  • Research and Development ( RnD)

  • Repairs and Development

  • Pad printing

  • Silk screen printing

  • Assembly division

  • Recycling of plastic scrap


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