GPS Plastics was established in 2006 by Kevin Govender. He is also the Group Managing Director for the following subsidiary companies: Twintek Industries, Riftside Investment and KAD Manufacturing.

Kevin boasts an impressive career giving 25 years to the plastic injection moulding industry with a wealth of experience and knowledge. The company is based in New Germany, Pinetown with a vision to expand regionally, internally and out of country in the near future.

Kevin’s mum joined as a shareholder In 2016, enabling the company to have black female shareholding, strengthening the level 1 BEE Status.

Kevin has featured in magazines such as SA Plastics and Rubber Technology with recognition as one of the fastest growing SMME in the manufacturing industry and Heavy Duty magazine show casing his range of transportation products. In 2017, Kevin was awarded a prestige award as the youngest to receive an honorary life fellowship award from the Plastics Institute of South Africa (PISA). He is the “Go to Plastician” in the industry and his expertise speaks volumes. Kevin is also a charitable soul and always willing to lend a helping hand. He is a passionate about living and having a healthy lifestyle and outlook on life. He is a supporter of the Anti-drug forum to which he regularly sponsors and positively contributing towards the upliftment and wellbeing of the community that he has his roots in. Kevin also supports various charities and contributes to a vast number of school projects, one of them being his own former high school which he holds close to his heart.

To add to this, he has for many years mentored students, one of whom a brilliant girl who wrote a book about plastics at a tender age of 11 and paid tribute to Kevin.

GPS Plastics currently employs 100 employees across various divisions

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