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Specializing in injection moulding and product development across industry spectrums such as construction,medical, engineering, appliances, homeware, forestry and transportation

GPS Building.jpg

GPS Plastics was established in 2006 by Kevin Govender.

The company is based in New Germany, Pinetown.

Kevin is also the Group Managing Director for the following subsidiary companies: Twintek Industries, Riftside Investment and KAD Manufacturing.

Kevin boasts an impressive career giving 25 years to the plastic injection moulding industry with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Kevin’s mum joined as a shareholder In 2016, enabling the company to have black female shareholding, strengthening the level 1 BEE Status.

In 2017, Kevin was awarded a prestige award as the youngest to receive a honorary life fellowship award from the Plastics Institute of South Africa (PISA).


Specializing in injection moulding and product development across industry spectrums such as construction, medical, engineering, appliances, homeware, forestry and transportation.

The manufacturing plant consists of 15 injection moulding machines ranging between 22 tons to 550 tons which has the capacity to produce a variety of products.

We have also introduced robotics for subtle jobs to help improve the overall efficiencies and production of the plant.

In-house Assembly division with skilled, efficient and experienced operators. The division assembles the following items :

  • Kettles

  • Vacuum cleaners

  • Fly traps

  • Road Chevrons

  • Delineators

  • Disposable Braai’s

  • Seedling trays

  • Other products




1. Various homeware items such as:

  • Lunch boxes

  • Various size basins

  • Plates

  • Rakes

  • Hangers

  • Various size bowls

  • Buckets (1L and 2L)

2. Light and heavy duty chains with

  • s-links

  • sleeves

3. Corner boards

4. Paper savers

5. Blasting plugs


  • Injection moulding

  • Research and Development ( RnD)

  • Basic Tooling

  • Pad printing

  • Silk screen printing

  • Assembly

  • Granulator room