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Kevin takes his contribution to society with tremendous responsibility as over the years he has supported many organizations and schools giving his time to serve meals for the underprivileged, motivational talks to the youngsters and charitable to many. 


Siyathanda Ukusizabantu – Lending a helping hand A contribution towards Easter hampers for 60 Widows. This organization was indeed grateful for the acknowledgment of sometimes forgotten widows with no families.

RedCliffe Primary School This project was humbling as the toilet facilities were severely dilapidated. With the sponsorship given the toilets were rebuilt much to the excitement of the school to have proper sanitation for all

RedCliffe Primary School

Montarena Secondary School Montarena is the school that Kevin attended in high school and hence has a very special place in his heart. He has made contributions towards the upliftment of facilities and events for the school over the years.

Chatsworth Anti-drug Forum

Chatsworth Anti-drug Forum – Annual Event at the Greyville Race Course In support of a healthy lifestyle and a drug-free community, Kevin’s group of companies sponsors tables and races at this annual event. The contributions go towards the upliftment and wellbeing of the community

Sarnia Primary

Sarnia Primary In 2018, the school introduced Girls soccer. The girls were so excited to be given the opportunity to participate against other schools however they did not have proper soccer uniforms to represent their school. GPS plastics decided in good faith to put a smile on the Under 13 girls’ soccer team and sponsored their soccer uniforms which they wore proudly at each match

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